It is a pleasure to welcome you to the official website of St. Basil College. We are delighted you have taken the time to seek more information about our institution, its purpose, goals, and program. You will find information here about the founding of our institution, its history, programs, administration, faculty, and students. St. Basil College is the only four year Ukrainian Catholic College in the United States; the Ukrainian Catholic community is justly proud of what it has accomplished in the years since its members came to these shores as immigrants seeking a better life. This community has made significant sacrifices to ensure that its religion and culture will endure and contribute to American culture. It is a tribute to its spirit and spirtuality that it has exerted, and continues to exert, a cultural and spiritual influence in the United States through its graduates, both priests and lay people.

Sincerely, Very Rev. Bohdan Danylo, Rector/President




The College is located in the city of Stamford, Connecticut, at the intersection of Glenbrook Road and Hope Street.


Upon request, the College will provide further information on the institution's student body, enrollment, retention, graduation rate, alumni, administration, board of trustees, faculty, facilities, program, student services, fees, financial aid, and its most recently audited financial statement. Copies of publications such as the current College Catalog, Student Handbook, Administrative Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and Rule of Life are available.


Correspondence should be addressed to:

Admission Office
St. Basil College
195 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT 06902-3099

The telephone numbers are:

General Office: (203) 324-4578
College office: (203) 356-0770
Fax: (203) 357-7681

Website: www.stbasilcollege.com

E-mail: stbasilcollege@optonline.net



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